Sunday, January 27, 2013

Batch 3: Papa Bear Porter: Primary Fermentation

I "patiently" waited for 36 hours after pitching the yeast without any activity in the airlock so I removed the lid from the fermenting pail, planning to measure the gravity and agitate the beer, but I was surprised to see a thick, bubbling krausen so I quickly put the lid back on and almost immediately saw the airlock start to bubble.

The bubbling didn't last very long, though, so I suspect that there is just a weak seal between the pail and lid which shouldn't be a problem during active fermentation since the internal pressure will constantly be forcing CO2 out of any leak, not allowing contaminants into the pail. I really look forward to buying a 6.5 gallon carboy so I don't have to use the pail in the future.

I let the primary fermentation go for two weeks and measured the specific gravity at 1.015 (corrected from 1.014 at 68º). (I also measured 1.029 [corrected from 1.028 at 66º] on days six and again on seven and 1.014 [corrected from 1.013 at 67º] on day 12.) I carefully siphoned the beer off the trub and into my 5 gallon carboy for secondary fermentation. I plan to let this condition for a week.

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