Sunday, February 3, 2013

Batch 3: Papa Bear Porter: Secondary Fermentation/Bottling Day

After a week in the secondary fermenter, I measured the final gravity of the beer at 1.013 (corrected from 1.012 at 69º). With an original gravity of 1.067, the alcohol by volume ends up being about 7.09%, which is about a percentage-point higher than I had planned on and puts the beer just outside of the traditional realm of robust porters. I tasted the sample from the thief, though, and it seems fairly balanced.

I primed the beer with 3 oz. of corn sugar before bottling.

I ended up with 50 bottles this time, a significant improvement of efficiency from the previous two batches.

The beer will get 19 days to bottle condition before we enjoy in it Gatlinburg. I have pretty high hopes for this one.

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