Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scaling Back

This is a sad post of sorts. I've made a tough choice to scale back on my brewing for a while. I've enjoyed three hobbies recently: making music, road cycling, and homebrewing. I've also recently ushered a new life into the world; we will soon be celebrating my daughter's first birthday! Over the last year, I've made almost no music and only a batch or two of beer, though I've managed to keep riding regularly (albeit not as regularly as I might like). Cycling is not a negotiable activity for me. I was an obese teenager, and my fitness is still something that will easily get away from me if I'm not mindful of it. Music had been the central focus of my former life. I was a fairly serious musician as a teenager and matriculated to a college with a noted program in Music Business to foster a dream of becoming a record producer/recording engineer. I played in bands throughout college and grad school, though I've found it much more difficult to stay on top of the songwriting, recording, and performing since starting my career six years ago. I've recently been re-bit by the bug, however, writing and recording a song for my daughter and consequently deciding to invest some saved Christmas money and a Father's Day gift on a new computer and recording software. I love making beer, and I will continue to do so--only less frequently. That means that this blog will be even more intermittent than it already is for the foreseeable future, but I hope that you continue to follow along, sporadic as it may be. Regardless, happy brewing, and be well.