Monday, September 17, 2012

Batch 1: Autumn Amber Ale: Bottling Day

After 13 days of fermenting and on-trub conditioning, I bottled my first batch. I made the mistake of failing to measure the temperature of the wort when I measured original gravity (OG 1.030 at ?º), but the final gravity was 1.018 (1.016 at 78º). One equation gave me an estimate of no higher than 1.5% ABV for the final beer, but I'm guessing it's probably closer to 3% ABV (I hope). It smelled delicious, very malty and sweat. The color is darker than I had expected for an amber ale, but I'm wondering if it won't lighten up a bit while conditioning. I ended up with 44 12-oz beers from about 4.5 gallons after racking. Evidently, I lost about 4 bottles worth of beer to spillage while filling the bottles, but I'll get better at that with a little more practice. Now, the wait is on.

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