Thursday, April 17, 2014

Batch 8: Steamboat California Common Beer: Ingredients

So, I was unhappy with how hoppy the last batch was--more IPA than steam beer--so I'm experimenting and making a few changes. First, I'm doing without the black malt. That just ended up being inappropriate/unnecessary. Second, I'm upping the maltodextrin a bit as the mouth-feel was a bit thinner than I had hoped. Third, I'm altering the hops. I'm going on a hunch and substituting East Kent Goldings for Northern Brewer hops. Finally, I'm trying a new yeast since my supply shop doesn't carry the Wyeast variety.
  • 6.6 lb. pale LME ($22.98)
  • 0.5 lb. crystal 40L malt ($1.69)
  • 0.33 lb. maltodextrin powder ($1.18)
  • 2 oz. East Kent Goldings ($3.78)
  • 1 pack Saflager S-23 lager yeast ($5.49)
  • total $37.50

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