Monday, December 8, 2014

Batch 10: Papa Bear Porter: Secondary Fermentation/Bottling Day

After about five and a half weeks in the secondary fermenter at around 63°, the final gravity of the beer ended up at 1.016. With an original gravity of 1.074, the ABV ends up being about 7.61%. The sample tasted amazing with a near-perfect balance of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate notes and a mouth-feel that seems slightly bigger than the previous batches. I primed the beer with 3.5 oz. of corn sugar before bottling, and for the first time, I re-pitched yeast into the beer before bottling. The previous two batches of this recipe had been woefully under-carbonated, though I haven't really figured out why that might be the case. I'm hoping that new yeast will solve the problem. I'll again be giving away almost all of this batch as Christmas presents to family and friends.

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