Monday, October 29, 2012

Batch 2: 'Merican IPA: Pitching

I've found an issue about which I'm a little confused. I fear the guy at my local homebrew supply shop mislead me. I ended up using three 3.3 lb. (net weight) Briess "CBW Golden Light" liquid malt extract (LME) packages for the wort. I think--but am not certain--that the weight specified in recipes for LME is for the initial weight of the grain used in the wort that is concentrated, not the net weight of the LME. If this is indeed an error, I think I used too much LME. The starting gravity listed on the LME packaging is 1.035 per pound per gallon. The original gravity should be 1.064 according to recipe. My measured original gravity is 1.078. I'm worried that by using only a single Wyeast packet that I will be under-pitching the yeast. I guess we'll see.

Anyone out there in-the-know who can educate me about LME weight and proper pitching rates?

Regardless, the wort temperature was down to about 70ยบ today so I pitched the yeast and set up the blowoff tube.

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