Sunday, August 17, 2014

Batch 9: Simcoe MIPA Iteration: Primary Fermentation

The fermenting ramped up within 48 hours of pitching, and there was obvious airlock activity for three full days after that. I don't think the starter really started so I'll go back to the larger water volume for the next try. I racked the beer to the 5-gallon carboy for secondary fermentation after 8 days in the primary and measured the specific gravity at 1.019. The sample I took with the thief tasted amazing! The Simcoe taste much rounder than the Centennial hops. I detected plum notes. I'm planning to let the beer condition for two or three weeks before bottling. I'll dry-hop an additional 0.67 oz. of the Simcoe hops during the last three or four days.

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