Sunday, January 19, 2014

Batch 7: 'Merican IPA: Primary Fermentation

The fermenting ramped up within 24 hours of pitching, and there was obvious airlock activity for two full days after that. The krausen expanded a day after that. I forgot how much I enjoyed watching fermentation! For that alone, the new 6.5-gallon carboy is worth it. I racked the beer to the 5-gallon carboy for secondary fermentation after 8 days in the primary and measured the specific gravity at 1.017, several points higher than in previous batches. (I would have preferred to rack after four or five days but was busy.) I'm estimating the beer to be at about 7.5% ABV. The sample I took with the thief tasted pretty good, hops up front. The beer is cloudier than previous batches have been, and I'm wondering if this is related to the yeast starter. I dry-hopped an additional 0.67 oz. of the Centennial hops in the secondary in a sanitized mesh nylon bag. I'm planning to let the beer condition for about two weeks before bottling.

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